Who we are

We are a leading pharmaceutical company in the Consumer Healthcare sector.
Máyla® Pharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory with Dutch investment that has been operating in Spain more than a decade. A succesful case in Spain based in Barcelona.

Máyla® Pharma is named as a beautiful type of fuchsia water lily.

The water lily is the best known of the aquatic plants and in some cultures it is considered a sacred plant, not only for its beauty, but also for its ability to grow in any environment with water, from ponds to lakes or marshes, thanks to its long and powerful roots that give it great stability and make it one of the most versatile aquatic plants in existence.

With this spirit of adaptation to the environment, Máyla® Pharma was born and has been able to take root in Spain and grow in the complex socio-economic environment of 2012.

In many Asian countries, the water lily, also known as the lotus flower, is the symbol associated with values such as honesty, cooperation between people, nobility and harmony. These are the values that characterise the company and are transmitted by the people who make up the company.

Máyla® Pharma has been able in a very short time to position itself as one of the leading pharmaceutical laboratories in the Consumer Healthcare sector.

Thanks to the drive of a team of professionals with extensive international experience and more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical sector, Máyla® Pharma has made one of its ranges, the Bonflex® range, which offers solutions for joint problems, become a leader in its category


Máyla® Pharma distributes all its products exclusively through the pharmacy channel, in addition to providing total coverage within Spanish territory since it is present in almost all the pharmacies on the peninsula and its islands.

Currently the company is in the process of international expansion, backed by the proven quality of all its products and the experience of its team. In fact Máyla® Pharma, in addition to its wide distribution in Spain, is also present in various countries of North and South America and Asia.

Our values

All the people who are members of the Máyla® Pharma team are in sync with the principal values of the company:


All our products are manufactured in Europe and in the United States under standards of pharmaceutical quality (GMP) and guaranteed by the maximum organisms that certify quality of pharmaceutical products (FDA).


Always in sync with trends and needs of all consumers Máyla® Pharma is concerned about providing a great variety of products on the basis of the latest, most avant-garde ingredients.


The ethical integrity is essential for business. At Máyla® Pharma we apply high standards of honesty and integrity both to ourselves as well as to our business


The Company maintains a firm commitment with its clients, consumers and employees, thereby providing good service throughout its processes and in high-quality products that cover the various disorders that that are at present in the market.

Electric vehicles

We are committed to sustainability. Our commercial network is equipped with electric vehicles

Manufactured in Spain and UE

A high percentage of our products are produced in Spain, demonstrating our commitment to local economic development.

Commitment to recycling

Máyla®Pharma is committed to a recycling policy. Our office is equipped to recycle according to waste type.

Our philosophy of giving back to society

Máyla® Pharma makes donations to entities and collaborates with companies and groups at risk of social exclusion.