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Sevensilk® Sun

Protection and tanning


  • Do you want to prepare your skin for sun exposure?
  • Are you looking for an even, natural, long-lasting tan?
  • Do you want to avoid the appearance of dark spots?
  • Do you want to block damage to your skin from free radicals caused by UV rays?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Máyla® Pharma recommends SEVENSILK® SUN, a nutricosmetic based on a unique complex that helps prepare the skin for sun exposure, strengthening, stimulating and helping it block damage from free radicals caused by UV rays.


  • Take one capsule a day in the morning with food and plenty of water (150 ml) for easier ingestion.
  • Start at least 15 days before the first exposure.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
  • Talk to the doctor if you are using anticoagulants simultaneously.
  • It should not be taken by pregnant or breast-feeding women, or by children.
  • Keep in a dark, dry place at a stable temperature between 5 and 25°C.


  • Sevensilk® SUN a nutricosmetic based on a unique complex made from Polypodium leucotomos extract, Açai fruit and Beta-carotene from Blakeslea trispora, which together help prepare the skin for sun exposure, strengthening, stimulating and helping it block damage from free radicals caused by UV rays.
  • Ideal as a supplement to sunscreens because it helps achieve deeper, more complete protection from the inside while we enjoy the sun to the full.
  • Its formula also includes other active ingredients and specific vitamins that contribute to optimal protection of cells against oxidative stress, thus providing a natural, long-lasting tan.
  • The complex formula also helps prevent photo-ageing, the appearance of dark spots and inflammatory reactions resulting from solar radiation.


  1. Cleanse and moisturise your skin for a beautiful complexion. Exfoliation is essential to achieve smooth, flawless skin.
  2. Protect your skin with sunscreen all year round.
  3. A healthy diet makes our skin look healthier and brighter.
  4. Sleep for at least seven hours to care for your skin and avoid premature skin ageing (dark circles, wrinkles, paleness).
  5. Manage stress, as the skin loses brightness and luminosity and it can cause skin disorders such as acne or seborrhoeic dermatitis, as well as favouring the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.


Active ingredients Per capsule Action
Dry extract of Polypodium leucotomos 300 mg Considerably reduces phototoxicity in the UV, wIRA and VIS spectra and has antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties
Dry extract of Tomato 116.5 mg Contains lycopene, which improves the skin by increasing the elimination of radicals and protecting against their formation
Sea buckthorn oil 50 mg Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and in natural antioxidants (tocopherols and tocotrienols), which provide a more beneficial function for mucous membranes and skin.
Combats dryness, inflammation and loss of elasticity of the skin, strengthening its moisture retention capacity.
Evening primrose oil 50 mg Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), it helps minimise the sensation of itching and stinging, as well as redness, since it hydrates the skin and aids its regeneration.
Dry extract of Burdock 50 mg With the following effects:

  • Antipruritic (prevents itching) and anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant: fights damage caused by free radicals
  • Healing: accelerates the healing process of wounds and skin lesions
Dry extract of Açai 50 mg An antioxidant that prevents the neutralisation of free radicals, stopping them from attacking other cells and also preventing the activation of enzymes involved in oxidative stress, thereby reducing the risk of premature ageing
Dry extract of Grape
– 95% Polyphenols
– 40% Proanthocyanidins
25 mg
23.75 mg
– Act as antioxidants that are capable of counteracting the action of free radicals
– Protect the skin from damage caused by UV radiation
Dry extract of Grape
– 98% Resveratrol
25 mg
24.5 mg
Anti-ageing action, thanks to its antioxidant power, which increases the activity of SIRT1 (an enzyme directly related to longevity)
Vitamin E 12 mg An antioxidant that inhibits the formation of free radicals but can also be used after sun exposure as it relieves pain, reduces inflammation and prevents burns. Prevents photo-ageing
Beta-carotene 4 mg Protects and enhances your tan, making it last longer
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg Promotes healthy skin
Vitamin D3 5 μg Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

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